Friday 3 July 2020
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Annual Report 2019: Transformative Journeys to Create a Safer World

Countries: Egypt, Switzerland, Syrian Arab Republic, World Source: Geneva Centre for Security Policy Message from the President In 2020 the GCSP will celebrate its 25th anniversary! This is a unique opportunity to look back at 25 years of amazing success, expansion and transformation. It is also the appropriate occasion to look forward and consider how the Centre can best continue to adapt and be more useful than ever in a world that has quite suddenly become even more uncertain and dangerous. At a time of growing challenges for the whole international community, from the coronavirus pandemic to global warming, key international organisations are becoming dangerously weakened. A few key features of this new environment stand out. The first is that the four centuries of Western dominance of human history are undoubtedly over. Today, a growing number of rising powers are affirming their determination to reject the Westernisation of their societies and the West s ambition to impose its rule well beyond its borders. Simultaneously, the global economy is confronted with a major deglobalisation movement that is reorganising a number of value chains out of China, while the United States, for security reasons, is attempting to reduce its technological dependence on that country. Europe fears it will become one of the battlegrounds of this global confrontation, as well as the ultimate casualty of the crises unfolding on its doorstep, including those in Iran, Syria and the Sahel. In these challenging times we need the GCSP more than ever. This institution, which is supported by the Swiss government, has magnificently succeeded in transforming itself while growing rapidly to adapt to the needs of both today and tomorrow. More than ever we need its world-class programmes organised around four major themes: preparing leaders to shape a changing world, building a resilient and peaceful world, anticipating emerging challenges, and rethinking geopolitics and the global future. This is why, after my years as French ambassador to the UN in Geneva and my year as a professor at the GCSP, when Ambassador Christian Dussey asked to me to become the new president of the GCSP s Foundation Council, I immediately said yes! And I consider it a privilege to be in a position to help him and his wonderful team in these challenging times. Jean-David Levitte
Former French Ambassador to the United States and the United Nations in New York Diplomatic advisor to three French presidents

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