Sunday 12 July 2020
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saharareporters - 17 days ago

#OGITECHSAGA: What Actually Happened By Clement Damilola Olatoye

My name is Clement Damilola Olatoye, on Wednesday 24th of June, I received a call from an unknown line 07025121101, TRUE CALLER APP had already revealed the name of the caller to be ‘SMASH’ but I waited to allow the caller introduce himself. Upon picking the call, I heard the voice of the Acting of Student Affairs of my institution, Ogun State Institute of Technology, Igbesa, which he eventually introduced him self as. Among many other things he said, he accused me of inviting non-students to the zoom chat hosted by the management to dialogue with ND2 students, he also accused me of writing petitions against the school, mobilizing student against the student union government, ‘castigating’ the school, not wanting the progress of the school. He also went further to alleged me of cultism based on my active role in capacity of the Take-It-Back Movement campus coordinator. Mr. Odutola further threatened me with suspension, rustication and expulsion for allegedly leading a reformation on the school’s campus. I forward the recorded conversation of Mr. Odutola and I to appropriate quarters including the state and national council of the Take-It-Back Movement, campus unit and the movement swung into action to ensure that my rights to freedom of speech and expression are protected even while they investigate the matter. Unfortunately, since the news of the threats broke on Sahara Reporters this morning, 25-06-2020, I have been severely pressurized on all sides, by some members of the management and other sell-outs who parade them selves as student leaders. Severe pressure was mounted on me to issue a disclaimer that Mr. Odutola the DSA of Ogitech did not threaten me, the pressure also came with assuring promises that the case would be forgotten and I would not have to face any panel. The pressure appealed to my emotions to save the name and 30 years old career of Mr. Odutola and that I should not give my self a bad name. Several people subsequently reached out to me and I bowed to pressure, I adopted their story that a student phone-pranked me and I had to call the authorities of the movement and the media under duress to retract my claims and inform them of the new, unholy development. Video of ON TAPE: OGITECH Threatens To Rusticate #TakeItBack Campus Coordinator Over Relationship With Sowore ON TAPE: OGITECH Threatens To Rusticate #TakeItBack Campus Coordinator Over Relationship With Sowore CAUGHT ON TAPE: Ogun Technology Institute, Dean Of Student’s Affairs, Odutola, Accuses #TakeItBack Campus Coordinator Of Cultism, Threatens To Rusticate Him Over Opposition To Management’s Anti-student Policies And Relationship With Sowore The need to release this statement was necessitated by my meeting with state leadership of the Take-it-Back movement, there are different voice recordings of conversations with the DSA with different people that can validate my claims of conversation with the DSA. I was indeed threatened by Mr. Odutola Oluyemi and informed of my pre-meditated rustication. I believe it is important to actually tell this story regardless of how anyone feels about me, I have summoned enough courage to speak-up against repression and oppression. I have also been intimated with the ongoing plans of the school to sue me for defamation, I can only say they should go ahead, after-all, a popular Yoruba dictum says that, ‘the wicked may lay a charge, but the it is not the wicked who will pass the verdict. I am confident in my ability to prove my claims and that, if Mr. Odutola so wishes we may meet in court. Clement Damilola Olatoye 06252020 Letter AddThis : Original Author : Clement Damilola Olatoye Disable advertisements :

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