Sunday 12 July 2020
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saharareporters - 19 days ago

Haba, Akeredolu! By Adeola Soetan

Adeola Soetan That power show of shame featuring Ondo State Police Commissioner preventing the deputy governor from moving out of Government House in government vehicle is highly disgusting and condemnable. But I think Arakunrin Akeredolu is a very civilised man with his background and social interaction. I met him once shortly before he bacame governor through a friend, the man I met that day was a simple, jovial, humble and civilised, who became more friendly in the Great Ife brotherhood tradition when I was introduced as a former Great Ife President, a living soul and an LSF of the World Headquarters. Why this motorpark politicking known now of the Awon Arabi type no matter the circumstance? It s all politics? Stupid! And you know what? Some Abobakus will also defend this assault on democracy and rule of law like some did When Rotimi Amaechi as a sitting governor was openly harrased and his movement curtailed by an ordinary CP. Democracy is a culture, these locusts in power will destroy every grain of democratic norm and practice of this civil rule if care is not taken. If this can happen in a knowledge-driven sunshine state under Akeredolu, a SAN and former President of NBA, then democracy is under pressure and may not be able to breathe well in Nigeria. Adeola Soetan The DG wants to decamp to PDP. And then? Are PDP and APC not identical twins? Even if he s going to any other bourgeois party, what s the stress, is there any principle and ideological difference with Obaseki now Iyanmu and Iyanmu now Obaseki in Edo State? I think the Supreme Court has even resolved in the case of OBJ and Atiku that deputies can decamp to any party of their choice peacefully after their election and resumption of duty with their principals without losing seat and official privileges. The umbilical cord that brought both of them to office together is not a permanent one. Blaming the errand rude CP is like blaming the pestle for hitting hard on the mortar when one is preparing pounded yam. Opinion AddThis : Original Author : Adeola Soetan Disable advertisements :

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