Saturday 6 June 2020
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World: UNHCR Public Health Section: Surveillance for COVID-19

Country: World Source: UN High Commissioner for Refugees Effective response to an outbreak of COVID-19 requires detection in the very earliest stages of the outbreak when the number of cases is small, and the geographical extent of spread is limited. In order to achieve this, a sensitive surveillance system capable of detecting small scale, unusual events is necessary. Objective Early identification of index case or possible human-to-human transmission of COVID-19. Approaches Event-based surveillance systems - include a broad range of activities such as rumour surveillance, monitoring of media sources, informal community-based reporting networks, the immediate reporting of signal/trigger events by community or facility health care workers. This approach uses the community case definition (see below). Indicator-based reporting using case definitions in outpatient and inpatient departments at health facilities.
UNHCR Health Information System UNHCR case definitions include upper respiratory tract infections (URTIs), and lower respiratory tract infections (LRTIs). See Annex 1. Severe Acute Respiratory Illnesses include either URTI or LRTIs, which are hospitalized. This category is not included in the case definitions. See Annex 1. The Alert Thresholds for URTI and LRTI occurs when reported cases are 1.5 times the average for the previous 3 weeks. These trends should be monitored on a weekly basis to determine if the incidence rate is beyond the alert threshold. However, in the context of a COVID-19 outbreak, use the information from the line list to monitor daily trends of cases and death over time (Epi-curve). Suspected COVID-19 case definitions (See Annex 1) should be used for event-based surveillance at both health facility and community level. This is a NOTIFIABLE DISEASE and must be reported immediately to UNHCR/Partner Health Coordinator and Local Ministry of Health (MOH) Focal Points.

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