Wednesday 26 February 2020
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saharareporters - 19 days ago

Coronavirus: Chinese Doctor Among Experts Behind Disease Detection Dead

Dr Li Wenliang, who tried to raise the alarm about the Coronavirus in December Dr Li Wenliang Handout
A Chinese doctor, who was among the first to raise a public alarm about the deadly Coronavirus has died after being infected, CNN reports. Ophthalmologists Li Wenliang passed away from the infection at 2:58am. Dr Li had died of the novel Coronavirus, but later reported he was instead critically ill. Dr Li was declared dead at 21:30 local time on Thursday.

Official media outlets were told to change their reports to say the doctor was still being treated. Reports said the doctor was given a treatment Li oxygenation) which keeps a person’s heart pumping and keeps their blood oxygenated without it going through their lungs. Li, a 34-year-old, working in Wuhan, raised the alarm about the virus on December 30, but was silenced by local police. According to CNN, he was one of several medics targeted by police for trying to blow the whisweekstle on the deadly virus.
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