Monday 20 January 2020
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Myanmar: Hpa-an District Interview: Land confiscation by the Tatmadaw in T’Nay Hsah Township, March 2019

Source: Karen Human Rights Group Country: Myanmar
This interview with Saw T--- describes how local villagers faced difficulties after their lands were confiscated by the Tatmadaw in B--- village, B--- village tract, T’Nay Hsah Township. Even though the Tatmadaw promised the villagers they would give half of the profits from the rubber plantations on the confiscated land, they did not do so. Interview, March 8th 2019 | Sa3 T--- (Male, 45), B--- village, B--- village tract, T’Nay Hsah Township, Hpa-an District Ethnicity: Pwo Karen
Religion: Buddhist
Marital Status: Married, five children
Occupation: Village head and village tract secretary Do you have responsibilities in the village? I am a village head. I also work as village tract secretary. I would like to ask you: What problems are you facing? Could you tell me? We are facing land and drug issues in our village. What about the land issues? Villagers are not standing together regarding the lands confiscated by the Tatmadaw. Did the Tatmadaw confiscate the lands? Yes. The Tatmadaw confiscated our lands and planted rubber trees on the lands [the local people do not remember the exact date of the land confiscation]. Do you know how many acres of land were confiscated by the Tatmadaw? I don’t know exactly. Before, they [villagers] were saying that 100 acres of lands had been confiscated by the Tatmadaw [the actual figure is actually much higher, see last paragraph].

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