Tuesday 23 April 2019
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reliefweb - 8 days ago

Ukraine: WASH Cluster Incident Report No. 180 - 13/04/2019

Source: UN Children s Fund, WASH Cluster Country: Ukraine
Location: Yasynuvata rajon (Donetsk NGCA),
Prepared by: Stas Dymkovskyy, WASH Cluster IMO KEY PUMPING STATION STOPPED AWAITING URGENT PIPE REPAIRS Voda Donbasa (VD) informed the WASH Cluster of two incidents, which happened at the 1st Lift Pumping Station of the South Donbas Water Way. Firstly, on the evening of Thursday 11th May, staff of the pumping station (PS) had to take cover in their bomb shelter do to nearby shelling. This first incident happened during a week when an assessment of the main pipe from the PS, on Monday, 7th April, identified bad leakage. Repair works on the pipe were planned and a Window of Silence (WoS) requested however yesterday, 12th April at 10.30 am, after receiving guaranties from the JCCC, demining brigades started their work near 1st Lift PS and came under small-arms fire, in a second incident. At the time de-mining brigades were together with representatives from the JCCC and OSCE, meanwhile repair brigade of the water company were close by awaiting permission to make repairs. Today, Saturday 13th April, Voda Donbasa awaited security guaranties to restart repairs but this was not provided. Preliminarily, VD received agreements for a WoS for Monday, 15th April. To make repairs, pumps at the 1st Lift PS of the South Donbass Water Way (SDWW) supplying water through the damaged pipe were switched off. Note that this is the last surviving pipeline, with the second parallel pipe destroyed in early but a third pipe supplying only Donetsk Filter Station directly is still intact. Repairing the pipeline is of utmost importance. The pumps stoppage means four Filter stations are now cut from the main water system since yesterday, between them providing clean water to more than 800,000 people on both sides of the line of contact. Krasnoarmiiska Filter Station (supplying 267,403 people) switched to use water from Karlivskoe water reservoir and Starokrymska Filter Stations №1 and №2 (470,436 people) now use water from the Starokrymska water reservoir which holds enough water for several months, however water quality will be much worse now in Mariupol as the reservoir water is extremely hard. The area most badly effected is served by Velikoanadolska Filter Station (89,241 people), which has no backup reservoir, and is therefore totally stopped.
Cities like Volnovakha, Vuhledar, Novotroitske and Dokuchaievsk, and smaller settlements like Berezove and Stepne are without safe water, and will remain so until repairs are completed. The WASH Cluster is in touch with Voda Donbasa and OSCE and will inform partners of about any specific needs.

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