Friday 19 April 2019
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Peru: Flow monitoring of Venezuelan migration in Peru DTM Round 3: Displacement Tracking Matrix IOM Peru, July 2018

Source: International Organization for Migration Country: Peru, Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of)
INTRODUCTION The increasing rate of Venezuelan citizens migrating to the countries in South America, Central American and the Caribbean, is of particular interest to the International Organization for Migration (IOM) which aims to promote safe and orderly migration that respects the fundamental rights of migrants. The regional response that addresses the challenges posed by this development of mixed flows that are made up of migrants, asylum seekers and/or refugees, is set out in the IOM Regional Action Plan1 which aims to strengthen the response in these regions through four strategic components: 1) Production and dissemination of data, 2) Capacity and coordination, 3) Direct assistance and vulnerability, and 4) Socioeconomic integration. The first strategic component addresses the need to generate accurate and reliable data that supports government institutions at central, regional and local levels as well as United Nations agencies and humanitarian partners in planning the response and attention given to this population, especially to those who are in a state of vulnerability. In line with this strategic component, the Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM) monitors the mixed flows leaving Venezuela and arriving to Peru, providing reliable data that supports the development of appropriate actions, in order to overcome challenges related to the current migratory development.
According to the National Superintendence of Migration (SNM for its acronym in spanish) of Peru, a total of 462,661 Venezuelans entered Peru between the beginning of 2017 and June 2018. 78.8% of this population has entered the country through the northern border, in the region of Tumbes. Likewise, a total of 191,544 Venezuelan citizens have left Peru through a border, with 58.9% leaving Peru through a southern border point in the Tacna region. As of June 2018, a total of 51,751 Venezuelans had obtained a Temporary Residence Permit (PTP) and a total of 13,245 had been granted the migratory status of Resident Citizen. According to figures provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Special Commission for Refugees, 126,997 Venezuelan citizens had applied for asylum in Peru prior to June 2018. 1) Regional Action Plan:

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