Monday 18 March 2019
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vanguardngr - 3 days ago

Locational franchise and the Igbo question in Lagos

On February 23, 2019, some hoodlums  in Lagos attempted to disrupt voting in the neighbourhoods of Lagos that are occupied predominantly by Igbos. By the way the definition of “Igbo” is any man or woman whose tribe is indigenous to the South East and South South regions of Nigeria, so that for the average Yoruba a man from Akwa Ibom is as much “Omo Ibo” as the woman from Enugu. Those involved or who sympathise with this policy of political exclusion argue,  that Yorubas do not attempt to influence the outcome of electoral contest in the Igbo that Lagos being Yoruba territory, only people of Yoruba extraction should determine the direction of the votes and that allowing Igbos to participate in the determination of electoral contests will bolster the claim by certain Igbos that Lagos is a no man’s territory developed by many. Some Yorubas were so bold as to file out with placards that  demanded that Igbos should move out of Lagos and go back to their homes of origin. Continue reading Locational franchise and the Igbo question in Lagos at Vanguard News Nigeria.

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