Monday 18 March 2019
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World: 2019 Counter-Trafficking Directory

Source: International Organization for Migration Country: World
What is included in the counter-trafficking directory ? This directory gathers key facts and figures about human trafficking in different countries, which you can check upon arrival in a country. It also contains useful contacts to refer the victim or potential victim you might identify according to his/her profile: s/he can be in need of immediate protection, need further counselling, wish to stay in the country of destination, or ask to return back to his/her home country.
According to the option s/he chooses, s/he might be entitled to different assistance schemes. Who should use the counter-trafficking directory ? This tool has been designed to help frontline practitioners (i.e. border police, embassies and consulates staff, airlines staff, social workers, etc.) in referring victims and potential victims of trafficking, and can be provided as a handy tool after they have been trained on how to identify a victim of trafficking. How to use the counter-trafficking directory ? The factsheets have been classified by continent. Each factsheet is one-page sized in order to provide selected information. You should contact national stakeholders in charge of counter-trafficking if you need more specific/updated information. You can click on the country you want to learn about on the “index” page to access the country’s page directly.

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