Wednesday 20 March 2019
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Syrian Arab Republic: WFP Syria Country Brief, January 2019

Source: World Food Programme Country: Syrian Arab Republic
In Numbers 3.1 m people assisted in January 2019 48,060 mt of food assistance distributed US$ 1.4 m in cash-based transfers made US$ 102.4 m six-month net funding requirement (February - July 2019) Operational Updates In January, WFP delivered general food assistance (GFA) for 3.1 million people across all 14 Syrian governorates. Of this, 17 percent was delivered through the cross-border operation from Turkey to areas in Idlib, northern Hama, and western rural Aleppo governorates. In addition to the monthly standard GFA allocation plan of 2.9 million people,
WFP maintains a buffer to assist approximately 600,000 additional people over the course of the month to address emerging needs, for a total monthly target of some 3.5 million people. Following anti-ISIL military operations, WFP continues to support IDPs arriving at the Al-Hole camp (Al-Hasakeh governorate), which has received some 23,000 people since 04 December 2018. WFP is providing all new arrivals with ready-to-eat rations (RTEs) and covering the entire camp population of approximately 34,000 people with 2,100 kcal/day GFA food rations, as well as nutrition assistance to children and pregnant and lactating women and girls. In January, based on observed high levels of food insecurity, WFP, in cooperation with the Syrian Arab Crescent (SARC), assisted some 28,000 people in AlMayadeen city (Deir Ezzor governorate) with food rations, wheat flour and RTEs. Infighting between non-state armed groups in north-western Syria has resulted in the Hayat Tahrir Al Sham (HTS) group reportedly consolidating control over 70-80 percent of Idlib governorate, as well as rural western Aleppo governorate and large parts of north-western Hama governorate. WFP remains ready to respond to 1 million people with strategic stocks of RTEs as well as nutrition supplies for 150,000 children both inside Idlib, in Turkey, and inside Syria should the situation in the north-west escalate further. Following extensive advocacy efforts, approval was granted to resume United Nations humanitarian assistance to Areesha camp (Al-Hasakeh governorate). WFP has since distributed food rations, RTEs and nutrition supplies for the entire camp population of approximately 12,000 people. Prior to this, the last provision of food assistance to the camp was conducted on 10 November 2018. The exceptional United Nations delivery of humanitarian assistance from Jordan to Syria continued over the month of January. On 16 January, WFP completed its part of the operation with 289 trucks carrying WFP commodities sufficient for 780,000 people having crossed.

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